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Client Testimonials

As the preeminent religious land use and zoning law firm in the nation, we have worked hand in hand with the leaders of churches, other faith-based institutions and their insurers from coast to coast. Our clients tell the stories of these successful collaborations far better than we can.

Harry HoffSenior Pastor, Hope Rising Community Church, Verona, PA

In 2015, Hope Rising Community Church experienced extreme opposition, the kind that would force it to close its doors and leave behind the families and youth it was so passionate about reaching. As the lead pastor I felt helpless, inferior and as if I had no voice.

Dan Dalton, and the law firm Dalton & Tomich, stepped in and fought for our church, its people and the vision that is Hope Rising. They stood with us, gave us a voice and were absolutely amazing every step of the way. Dan Dalton and the Dalton & Tomich law firm are not just amazing lawyers, they are friends, they are family and they are members of “The Church”.

Ken KalbachElder, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, Lenox, GA

Dalton & Tomich’s assistance in our RLUIPA matter has paved the way for our church to continue serving the community and for new churches in the area to thrive in the future. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your stand for religious freedom.

Rev. Thomas OuweleenLead Pastor, The Urban Church, Warren, MI

The Urban Church will be forever grateful to Dalton & Tomich plc for navigating it through a difficult land use issue. Let them give you honest and caring advice because that’s exactly what they’ll do.

Kimberly KebleSenior Claims Adjuster, Brotherhood Mutual Insurance

Dalton & Tomich, PLC defended a complicated case at a church we insure. Not only is the firm professional, they understand how church business runs and work well within church leadership.

Rev. Demetrius BookerSenior Pastor, Lighthouse Community Church of God, Redford, MI

Dalton & Tomich, PLC helped us immensely in the areas of litigation and negotiation! Their professionalism and understanding of church policy helped our church be victorious in a modern day religious land use battle.

RLUIPA Religious Land Use Case: Lighthouse Community Church of God

Mitchell CorderAdministrative Bishop Church of God, Tennessee

Dalton & Tomich, PLC serves as General Counsel for the 144 churches within the Church of God in Michigan. The firm provides the legal expertise we need in dealing with the issues that arise during the course of fulfilling our ministry.

Tim RhodusLead Pastor, Cross Church Carlinville & Staunton, IL

I met Dan Dalton during a dark time for our church. He was recommended as the leading RLUIPA attorney in the nation. He demonstrated wisdom, expertise, a gentle nature, a calming inter-relational skill, genuineness, and a humble demeanor, while at the same time, being sharp, forth-right, strong, assertive, and fully respected by the other side’s attorneys & Judge throughout the case. Dan successfully guided us through a minefield that had been unevenly stacked against us. Dan managed the legal details, while we continued to do church. He even attended church social events to answer questions and mingle with our church family. He was loved and appreciated by our church leaders, and our congregation. Never one time during a year-long litigation process did Dan demonstrate anything other than Christ-like professionalism. Today, our church continues to grow, we are nearing the completion of our 60,000 square building, I have become the President of the Chamber of Commerce, and I am gladly welcomed in our City Hall. I have become an influencer within our community and our county. How Dan managed himself, managed our case, and represented our church set the table for me and our church to be where we are today.

RLUIPA Religious Land Use Case: Carlinville Southern Baptist Church

Ronnie HolmesSenior Pastor, Church of the Open Door, Waco, TX

Mr. Dalton’s expertise and experience helped us through a very difficult legal journey, ultimately achieving a favorable outcome. His personal interest in helping our church went “above and beyond” just the call of duty. His understanding of both legal and spiritual matters seems to uniquely qualify him to do what he is doing in this very important field of litigation!

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Dalton & Tomich, PLC is the national leader in successfully helping churches, other religious institutions and their insurers defend their rights in land use and zoning matters under RLUIPA, the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act. We have helped clients win cases against municipalities and other local government bodies from coast to coast, with experience serving both as general counsel and special litigation counsel.