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Churches and other religious institutions are protected from discrimination by municipalities and other local government bodies by the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act, better known as RLUIPA. This blog by the national leaders in religious land use and zoning law highlights RLUIPA case studies and includes commentary on related news for church leaders and others throughout the country, as well as explanations of components of the RLUIPA law.


As noted in the Alliance Defense Blog, in Hazel Park, Michigan, city authorities have been doing their red-tape best to gerrymander a local congregation, Salvation Temple Church, out of the district. Happily, a federal judge is making it her business to introduce the town fathers […]

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New RLUIPA Suit Filed; Salvation Temple Church v. City of Hazel Park

Salvation Temple Church, is a Christian Church that entered into a purchase agreement for the purchase of property known as 25000 N. Chrysler Dr., Hazel Park, Michigan. The property, vacant since 2002 and last used as a banquet facility,

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United States Supreme Court Considers RLUIPA Damages Case

In the very near future, the United States Supreme Court will hear oral argument in Sossamon v. Texas, (Docket No. 08-1438, cert. granted 5/24/2010)

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Boulder County Appeals Adverse RLUIPA Decision to the United States Supreme Court

On Friday October 15, 2010, Boulder County filed an application for leave to appeal to the United States Supreme Court of the decision of the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, who, affirmed a jury verdict and the entry of a permanent injunction for the Church […]

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RLUIPA at 10 years: Yes, the Law is Needed

Last week, in conjunction with the celebration of the tenth anniversary of the passage of the RLUIPA, the Department of Justice prepared a timely report on the Tenth Anniversary of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act and frequently asked questions with an answer […]

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Conditional Land Use Requirements and RLUIPA

In Arnold v. Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Bd. Of Adjustment, No. 2008-CA-001850-MR, 2010 WL 668664 (Ky. App. Feb. 26, 2010), plaintiffs appealed the Circuit Court’s opinion and order affirming the determination of the Versailles-Midway-Woodford County Board of Adjustment granting a conditional land use permit to the Versailles […]

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Why RLUIPA Matters

  • June 21, 2010
  • by Daniel P. Dalton
  • Category: RLUIPA

Since January, 2010, I have flown 30256 around the United States helping religious entities in religious land use disputes. And this weekend I was reminded why RLUIPA matters at the Becket Funds’ Annual Dinner for Religious Freedom.

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10th Circuit Court of Appeals Affirms the Rocky Mountain Christian Church Jury Verdict.

In a unanimous decision, the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a jury verdict, finding that sufficient evidence was presented at trial to justify the jury’s determination that the denial of the Church’s special use application violated the equal terms provision of the Religious Land […]

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Does RLUIPA apply to Historic Preservation Designations?

In reaction to the loss of several important buildings within larger metropolitan areas in the 1950’s, communities throughout the nation began grassroots efforts aimed at providing a legal mechanism to protect local significant historic resources.

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A RLUIPA Case Study

Carlinville Southern Baptist Church, located in Carlinville, Illinois thought how blessed it was when it purchased a former Wal-Mart store in early 2008 to have a home. The Church had worshiped in its building for several years prior, but grew rapidly to the point that […]

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