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Attorney Noel Sterett Featured On Bold Church Initiative Podcast “Navigating Zoning and Land Use Laws”

Written by Noel Sterett on October 22, 2018 Category: RLUIPA
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Recently, Dalton & Tomich attorney Noel Sterett joined attorney Josh Hershberger of the Bold Church Initiative podcast to discuss Noel’s passion for protecting religious liberty in land use cases across the country. The podcast covers not only how Noel discovered his passion and calling to defend religious groups of all kinds in land use matters but also provides a helpful summary of the key provisions of the Religious Land Use & Institutionalized Persons Act (RLUIPA) and current trends in municipal efforts to restrict religious groups.

To listen to the podcast or to find out more about the Bold Church Initiative, please visit:

Noel is the co-author of a free guide for churches facing RLUIPA issues called “Leveling the Playing Field: A Guide for Churches Navigating the Religious Land Use and Zoning Process.”

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